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We build digital solutions that leave the world in better place

We are pioneers in Human to Human (H2H) Marketing.

“We’re a 360° digital creative studio with a difference. At WildBerry Digital, we focus in human-centric, sustainable marketing strategies that put people and the planet first.

Our team is specialized in Human-to-Human Marketing, located in Nicosia and London. We believe that marketing can and should be used as a mean of connecting the right audience with the right products & services; and not by any chance try to trick into buying, creating fake needs, which consequently cause overconsumption and hyperconsumerism.

Our approach is guided by the principles of  humanistic marketing, which prioritizes genuine human connection, ethical business practices, enhancement of  people’s lives and contributing to the common good.

As marketers and as humans, we love teaming-up with solopreneurs & small businesses with a big heart, big brands with a real purpose and visionary organizations, assisting them into reaching their full potential. We get goosebumps every time we see them successfully share with the world, what they really love and empowered to do, but more importantly why they do it.

We strive to create digital campaigns that not only drive results but also inspire positive change. We are passionate about using our skills to make a difference, and we’re honored to work with clients who share our values.

Thank you for considering us for your digital and/or marketing needs!”


We don't follow trends,
we create them

WildBerry offers complete digital & creative solutions to elevate your business to the next level.

  • Digital Design
  • Web Design and UI/UX
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation Design
  • Digital Development
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • SEO & PPC
  • Digital Strategy & Branding
  • Branding Development
  • Brand Strategy and Visioning
  • Brand Identity and Brand Bible

Flexible Marketing Leadership

We would love to be your Chief Marketing Officer. We’re not an agency, we’ll become one of your team.

CMO-as-a-Service (CMOaaS), is a tailored service offered by WildBerry, which can be offered either supplementary or stand-alone. We feel that just outsourcing your Digital Marketing dept., is starting to become obsolete. The differentiation is that, we want to be even more engaged. We would love, leaving and breathing your company operations, in order to shape and implement together your marketing strategy.

We offer a couple of options, as much duration as you would like.

Full-time CMO

Part-time CMO

Interim CMO

Project CMO


Meet our team


Sotiris Karotsakis

Managing & Creative Director


Jack Purser

Technical Director


Rosa Muller

Copywriting Specialist​


Nicolas Delphinis

Multimedia Designer

“WildBerry is not just another web designing or digital marketing agency. From day one, they teamed-up with us through the whole life-cycle of our new brand. Except of their exceptional Digital and Marketing skills, we received – pro bono – general business consulting, which was crucial for the success of our new venture.”
Paris Perikleous / Founder of IN BOX The Salon Business Ltd

Let's build something great together

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Our services are highly collaborative processes between our team and yours.


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